Meet Nicole

Hello beautiful friend, I’m Nicole, Hi!

Welcome to For The Love of All Things Fabulous

Think of me as the friend that you can sit down and chat with about anything, latte in hand, or some bubbly…whatever your “cup of tea” might be. My objective is to serve you and share content that will inspire and serve you in a way that is meaningful to you.

A little about me – I’ve been married to my husband Johnny since 2010. We had a beautiful beach wedding in Costa Rica, where he was born and raised. Our daughter, Isla (6), is the light of our lives. We have a Boston Terrier, Frannie, obsessed with playing ball… a total sweetheart with a large fan club. Our family also includes Isla’s Welsh pony, Paparazzi aka Roxy, and my Amateur-Owner hunter, Gabe.

A life with my family and friends, horses and all things fabulous and aesthetically pleasing in general are what make me tic.

I live the quintessential equestrian lifestyle, fueled by our passion and dedication to show horses. My family and I live in Minnesota and spend our time between home and other horse show destinations. My husband, Johnny, is a professional horseman and trains hunter/jumpers. I am in the “logistics” and management role for our equestrian business, JSL Equestrian. 

The journey leading to the creation of my business and blog, For the Love of All Things Fabulous, technically began in 2017 when I decided that I had to do something to put my creative passions to work. I’ve often thought about different business ventures I’d like to try: real estate, interior design, opening an equestrian lifestyle retail location …things that are of great interest to me but aren’t really conducive to our nomadic lifestyle. 

What I did know about myself is that I’m at my best when I’m helping others be THEIR best. When I think back, I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember in one way or another. Always acting as a go-to for style, decor, and more (even to complete strangers. I mean whom DOESN’T love unsolicited advice?) Be it styling friends and their homes, sharing products and ideas, or chatting with any and everyone who wants to talk fashion, home, beauty, life, or horses!

I knew I had to find a channel to put this concept out there to share all of these passions with everyone.  After all, if this many people I knew were looking for exactly this type of thing… how many people out there that I haven’t even met are looking for it, too?

By showing up here you, I likely sparked your interest for a couple of different reasons. You either love or want help with your personal style goals, you are an equestrian lifestyle enthusiast, or you have learned that I work with brands and businesses as a Content Creator and Social Media Manager.

For the equestrian enthusiast, I cover several aspects of the lifestyle, such as behind the scenes looks at both horse show life and everyday horse life and style on the blog and my social channels.

If you are here for style and you’re looking for inspiration, education, tools, services, and the confidence to live your most stylish life, you’re in the right place here too! 

After getting started on building my own brand, I had the opportunity to join forces with some other fabulous brands providing support and content. So many people know how important it is for a brand to show up on social media, but they just don’t have time or a desire to do it themselves. I’ve found this to be a sweet spot for me – I love it, it lights me up!

I can work with you to create a custom plan or package based on your unique needs. 

Social media marketing truly is a must-have for businesses today. I have a limited number of brands I can accept in order to maintain the utmost quality and service to each of my clients.

I am happy to email you my media kit, just say the word!

And with that, I welcome you to join my community of equestrian and style loving people and look forward to having you along for the ride!


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