Hello Beautiful Friends!

We are on a journey together and I want to start with the foundation. The simple most important step in building anything in life! Without a solid foundation we can’t acheive longterm success, which is what I want for you to accomplish in your pursuit of personal style success.

In this post you are going to learn about the different body types and how to determine where you fit in. Disclaimer: We are not all going to fall perfectly into one category. Some of you may not fit right into a particular shape, and that is just fine!

So, why is this important? I want you to understand that knowing your body type and your basic measurements is a key tool in helping you get that confidence you are after when it comes to how you look and more importantly, how you feel.

We want to dress your body in clothes that are right for you! They need to align with your personal style, lifestyle, and your silhouette!

A lot of times when something doesn’t fit right we try to make it work by sizing up or down when in fact not all silhouettes are meant to work on everyBODY. Some things simply aren’t going to work for you.

When we shop online, typically there is a little clickable link that takes us to a size chart. There are often several measurements here that help you to determine which size will be right for you. There are so many that have no idea what their basic measurements are! Get this done ladies! When we shop online we have to be prepared to send things back when they don’t work, which can be a pain. It is inevitable…we aren’t in a brick and mortar where you can take 3 sizes of the same jeans into the fitting room. Sure, you could order 3 pairs, but that is not an ideal way to go. Use the size chart to help you decide which is most likely to be the right fit. Side note: if there are reviews that detail fit, definitely use those to your advantage too!

I’ll be sharing a lot about dressing different body types in the future, so make sure you start with this very important step!

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