Hello Beautiful Friends!

This past Monday really felt like the true beginning of the New Year for me personally. Christmas is all packed up and tucked away for next year, the ball has dropped, and Isla is back to a regular school week post winter break. It also really hit me that we are in fact taking Minnesota head on this winter as we stay at home for the first time in about 7 years. I have all of these different emotions about it all depending on the day, hour, or minute you ask me. There are wonderful things about staying home…I can be more organized overall, maintain consistent relationships with family and friends, establish routines, pursue new opportunities…return to some of the winter sports I once enjoyed. While I truly beleive it was such a gift for Isla to grow up as a snowbird to this point, consistency will also be good for her. She can be more dedicated to whatever activities she chooses to participate. She got on the ice for the first time last weekend and absolutely loved it. Again, while Florida was an incredible experience for Johnny to have had, he can also take those experiences as great strengths as we work to amp up his training program at home. If anyone was holding out on riding with us because of the winters away, this will be a good change to allow more customers to be apart of our barn fam. With that said, we are also immensly grateful for the customers that have stuck by us over the years that we spent away during the winter months. It is great to be able to provide more consistency there as well. There are a lot of positive things about being home.

There is also that other side of the coin…I will miss the routine we had in Florida, the new friends we’ve made, the fact that everything in Wellington is all about horses! There is no denying it is an incredible place and we were blessed to experience it in such an amazing way.  We’ve been so fortunate to be able to go for as long as we have – and still it’s so hard to say goodbye to that chapter. From brushing elbows and exchanging hellos with the top of the sport – human and equine, watching everything possible, seeing incredible venues, riding outside every day, showing, trail riding, learning in all sorts of capacities, seeing the latest in tack and apparel,…the whole thing. Access to the best vets, farriers, saddle reps, retail – truly world class people in the industry all in one place. The weather, obviously a pain point – and that 30 minute drive to the beach. Then I got my media accreditation email from reminder for the opening press conference…

And so, I had a moment.

I had taken a little step back from social media over the holidays and I really enjoyed the calm. When this week was approaching I saw it coming…the first full week of 2020, the start of WEF, and the first week of really feeling the change hit left me considering whether or not I wanted to continue sharing and creating on For The Love of All Things Fabulous. Not because I don’t love it or my passion for any of it has become any less, but because I am in a time of transition and feeling a little unsure in general. I often hear other bloggers talk about how lonely a space it can be, which doesn’t seem likely, but it’s true and very real! Everyone has a lot going on in their lives and scrolling through social media has become somewhat passive. I take what I consider a lack of engagement personally and ask myself, what am I even doing here?! I consider myself to be a positive person who makes the best of things, so after receiving some great feedback and encouragment I had my answer. I will keep on keeping on and sharing the things that make me tic. To those who took the time to reach out on social media after my post on Monday, THANK YOU. And to those of you who are subscribed to the blog and will have this in your inbox, THANK YOU!!!! With that, we move forward into 2020 with a fresh perspective…possibly one adorned with icicles, but here nonetheless. I always welcome feedback! I like to hear what you enjoy seeing here on the blog and on social media. I’m a very social person, so socialize with me!!!

 If you are interested in learning more about our equestrian program, check out jslequestrian.com or find us on Instagram and Facebook.

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.

Henri Bergson

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