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Let’s talk shop! More specifically, shopping for our equine partners. Because what horse enthusiast doesn’t love to shop for horse related products?!

Today I’m sharing about an online retailer new on the scene that is changing the way we shop for horse care products… and it’s really fabulous! So, without further ado,  let’s talk about Corro!

For the love of your horse.

Upon meeting part of the Corro team, I was immediately impressed by their genuine appreciation and understanding of the bond we have with our horses – afterall it’s their passion too. They are very intuitive and focused on learing how to perfect what they offer based on the community that they are serving – they get into detail with horse owners, riders, trainers, grooms, stable managers, etc. They are inclusive of all breeds and disciplines from international level show horses to the backyard pet.

I met them at our own Minnesota Harvest Horse Show back in October. I was impressed by their efforts to truly connect with equestrians all over the map.

Caring for our equine family members is top priority. As a horse owner, rider, and stable manager I can tell you it truly takes a village!

I have my personal tried and true favorite products around the barn.  I’ve  put 15 of my top picks together for you and they are all available from Corro

On top of their satisfaction guarantee and competative pricing, I’m going to offer you additional savings on already great prices!!! Stay tuned until the end of the post for your discount code!

When you visit the Corro website you’ll find the best prices on products you use and love for your horse and stable needs.

Remember that discount code I promised? Click here for your 10% discount (Nicole10)

My most recent purchase for our program was dewormer for our barn. Our horses were due for Ivermectin with Praziquantel. I was able to get EquiMAX for them at a much lower price than I was able to find elsewhere.

A snippet form Corro’s website:

What unites Wyoming and Wellington is the admiration we share for these animals and the respect we have for their care. When it comes to your horses, we only want the best. So whether you’re a Western rider or English insider, equestrian pro or weekend aficionado, we care about how you care for your horse.

A few key things to consider:

  • Free shipping when you spend $75.
  • You can opt to subscribe and save on products for additional savings.
  • Guaranteed five business day delivery.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction for humans and horses.

Corro and I invite you to join the Corro community of horse lovers!

Click here for your 10% discount (Nicole10)

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