Hello beautiful friends!

Today I’m sharing my advice on switching it up and completing a seasonal closet overhaul, or as my Mom used to call it, the summer/winter switch.

We are well into fall in Minnesota and I don’t know about you, but when I’m in my closet I am reaching for cozy sweaters, jackets, and the like. I’m one of those people who has a very hard time being productive if my space is in disarray. You might be wondering what does my productivity have to do with sweaters and jackets? Maybe my closet is too small OR maybe there is just a lot of noise in it that I don’t need in my life right now. That is why I’m talking about seasonal wardrobe switching.

I remember back in the day my Mom would always say, time to do my summer/winter switch! I just didn’t get it. It seemed like an unnessary use of time to me back then. We had room in our closets to keep it all together in the closet, so why would I want to do that?  Well I’m here to tell you today, listen to your Mother because likely she knows something you don’t!

This season things are changing for us, we are staying in Minnesota for the winter for the first time in 7 years!!! So that means saying ‘see ya later’ and switching out strappy dresses and shoes, shorts, swimsuits, and sleeveless tops for cozy sweaters, jackets, and other cold weather styles. Normally I’d just leave it all in my closet year round as I’ve always done, but this year I adopted my Mom’s old tradition. I finally realized why it is best practise to participate in this said switch. I purchased a wardrobe rack that I could move to the storage room along with some bins and freed up a lot of space in my closet by removing those warm weather items. In turn, I gained calm and space in my mind, closet, and ease of finding appropriate style options for the current conditions.

I highly recommend adopting this process in your own closet and those of your spouse, children, or other residents of your home. If everything I’ve told you isn’t reason enough, another added benefit includes the potential of being happily surprised when you bring your things out in the spring and they feel new again…since you haven’t been staring at them all winter long for no reason. Additionally you can just go ahead and try things on at that time and decide if there is anything you need or want to part with before you bring it back into your closet. It’s a good way to keep your wardrobe in check all the way around.

How many of you do this already and who is starting this weekend?!?! I’d love to hear your feedback.

Stay warm!

Extra tip: Anyone whose closet I’ve had a hand in working on knows that I’m a huge proponent of using space saving hangers. ALL of your hangers should be the same!!! It makes a big difference!


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