The Fall Style Audit #trending

Hello my beautiful style loving friends!

Summer in Minnesota has been glorious. Brief, but glorious. Whilst savoring every moment I can squeeze out of these last days of summer, I can feel the change in the air these past few days.

I’m finding it particularly hard to let this one go gal pals. How about you? Fall has always been my favorite season of all, it is just that it is coming in way too hot (and not in a temperature sort of way) for my liking.

What I can get behind is the upcoming season of style. Nothing better than getting into your favorite jeans, sweater, and a cute pair of ankle boots. Side note, I got an email from Caribou Coffee today letting me know that as a perks member I could order up my first pumpkin drink of the season…that is taking things a little too far. Like, don’t take this last week of August away from us! It’s still summer, damnit!

So let’s dive into fall fashion trends, shall we?

Itty Bitty Bags

This season bags (if you can call them that) are going micro, friends! Adorable? Sure! Functional? Not for this girl. I might be willing to entertain a mini bag for events, but I don’t get my reputation for having everything you could need on me at all times without space. If you want to get in on this one, maybe you can keep your micro bag inside or attached to your regular bag until it is time for it to shine.

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Well this one is easy for me! It’s my favorite shade of all time. Bring it on! Monotone looks with shades of purple are a win. Orchid, lavender, and lilac – oh my.


Alright super girls – grab yourself a cape and swoop into the next season. I’m good with this one too. I’m seeing a lot of camel colored capes, but I really appreciate a sharp black cape in a suiting material. CHIC.


Feathers are everywhere from head to toe. Whilst I won’t go all out on this one, I do enjoy feather adorned looks and I’ll probably incorporate this one. We are seeing actual feathers as well as feather designs. Jewelry works for this one too. One of my favorite dresses I’ve ever seen hit a red carpet or runway is a feather skirted dress. Gorgeous!


The runway showed gold galore – solid gold. The street style take on gold is much more subtle and it really is gorgeous. 

Quilts & Patchwork

Keeping it real – I’m not a fan of patchwork in most cases. A rare take on it might catch my eye, but I’m not running after this one. The quilted “bedding inspired” looks are more in my lane. I’m seeing light quilted down pants and I do want! I have a down skirt that always makes an appearance when it’s cold outside. 


Long live leopard print! Animal prints aren’t going anywhere. Ever. Have fun with them! There is definitely a right and a wrong way to do it in my opinion. Keep it classy friends! It is all about balance. 


Utility style jackets are really fun and make a great fall staple you can come back to year after year. There are some great options out there. I’m not so much into the whole carpenter jeans and combat boots look, but let’s see! Utility jumpsuits are in and this is another trend that I think can be done right. I’m looking forward to seeing how many people embrace this one.

Statement Hats

 I’m expecting to see very toned down versions of this trend in comparison to what we saw on the runway. Bucket hats are big and there will be many easy to wear varieties. I love hats! 

Long Coats

Maximum length coats are in for fall. They are gorgeous, no doubt. Not always the easiest to wear, but this is something I’d really consider to be a classic.

Square Toes

This one is going to continue on from summer and into fall. The square toe is making a comeback. How gucci.


Oh plaid, you do your thing. The versatility and variety of plaid never disappoints. There are going to be plaids galore and that is okay by me. 


I say let’s do this. It is oh so pretty and you can do a lot with it. 


Satin is a beautiful luxurious fabric and I welcome it! Check out the satin pants. They are so chic! Pair them with a fabulous sweater and you are good to go.

Camp Fleece 

Absolutely. I love the different takes on fleece from some of the designer brands, such as Sandy Liang. Patagonia is a mainstream classic and I’m certain everyone will participate on this one – especially in Minnesota!

Period Pieces

Puffy sleeves, square necklines, and elements that take you back in time. 


Designers who could have pursued engineering, am I right? This trend features pieces that are “taken apart” and put back together again, but not in original or traditional form.


You can go big on this one or dabble with just a touch of metallic. I absolutely have the heart eyes for all the pieces that I found below.

90’s hair accessories

If we were to rewind a few years I would have laughed in the face of anyone who told me I’d be wearing a scrunchie again in my lifetime. I stand corrected. And I certainly did get my oversized pearl clips that will be apart of my fall looks for sure. I’ll leave the mini butterfly clips to my daughter.

Romance X Grunge

Surpising myself on this one – I think it is pretty cool. I can see doing a top with some well done lace and pairing with ripped black denim. Since I’m not a combat boot girl, I’d pair with some embelished black Golden Goose sneakers.


You might find this one more doable than a full off the shoulder look. It has that cool effortless thing going on. 

80’s Inspired/Belted blazers

This is a great look and another that I’d consider a classic comeback. Although I already have to remind myself to drop my shoulders throughout the day, so perhaps I’ll skip the shoulder pads (wink, wink)

Museum inspired

I really appreciate this one! It has a great vibe about it. There are some beautiful water color pieces. So far, I’ve opted for some of the fun tees you can find at Urban Outfitters. #monet


The varsity striped cardigans and v neck sweaters give me all the fall feels. I like to mix my preppy pieces with other not so preppy pieces to shake it up a little. That appears to be the theme of the preppy trend this fall. I’m in.

Crayon legs

Bold tights are on the radar for fall. This one is easy to try – go ahead and have some fun with it!

Okay, now it’s your turn! Tell us your thoughts about these fall trends in the comments. I can’t wait to hear what you think! 

I’ll be sharing my fall outfits with you on the gram and Facebook, so visit often.

If you are in need of some guidance or a full on fall wardrobe refresh, I’m here for you! Reach out and we can get to work.


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