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Hello Beautiful People!

It has been a moment since I last hit publish on a blog post for you guys. I’ve taken on some exciting new projects within the past couple of months and I’ve been very focused on that, the horses, family, friends, and trying to enjoy our summer. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I’ve been keeping up over there much better. Well, it is about time I get back here on the blog where I can get back to doing more writing, which is one of my big reasons for being here – I love to write! 

It has been a different kind of summer – our show season is light because a lot of our team is either traveling with family to far off places, taking care of family, or sustaining injuries themselves! The Lime Scooters are now frowned upon in our barn fam.

We are not horse showing for the entire month of July…until the 29th at least. 

Through blogging…and life in general, I am always learning, growing, and evolving. I’ve discovered that I’m not cut out to be one of those bloggers (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with this) that are going to buy every new arrival on the hotlist so I can post pics and sell, sell, sell. I like to add links for you guys to find the things I post if it sparks your interest, but I’m not going to make it big off of that program. I’ve found in this journey that I really love creating content and being involved with small or boutique businesses that do things that I love and get excited to share and be involved with. I’ve found that using my sense of style to help these brands tell their stories on social media is kind of a sweet spot for me. 

You know the whole, “Don’t let them tame you” idea? I want to continue to share a little of this and a little of that. My own social feeds are a healthy mix of style, life, inspiration, horses, and the like. I hope that the dimension of it brings something to all of you. I can’t do just one thing because I have to do me! And that includes all of those aspects – and more;) 

I would love it if you would hit reply and say hi in the comments – let me know you are here! Better yet, let me know the kinds of things you would like to see on the blog in the upcoming weeks! 


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