Pantone 2019 #livingcoral

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Today we’re talking about color! More specifically,


That is because living coral is Pantone’s color of the year for 2019. If you went into your closet or your makeup collection right now, do you have any touch of coral to add to your spring looks? There are easy ways to add a pop of color in as little or big of a way as you’d like. From dresses, pants, and jumpsuits, to small embellishments on shoes like the ones you’ll see below and even a temporary touch with nail polish. If you wish to embrace it, I’ve put together some great options for you!

Okay Nicole, so how can I learn more about Pantone? Easy! click to learn more here

I also want to mention that coming into spring, it’s a great time to schedule your own personal color consultation. This is not an ad! I just think that it is a great thing to do for yourself and it was a great WOW experience for me. You can refer back to this post to hear about my color consultation last year with House of Colour.

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