The Monday Brief: WEF Week II

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Hello beautiful friends.

Ah Monday – this is a very typical day for the horse world professionals to do what they love the least…Give the horses a day off and take care of the paperwork and phone calls side of the business. Week II of WEF wrapped up yesterday after a rainy (blowing sideways) morning and windy afternoon. When we don’t have any horses showing throughout the week, we typically give the horses Sunday off and today is a trail riding day. They love to get out and do something different. It is so great for their minds to be able to get out of the ring. As long as there are no giant inflatable soccer balls blowing toward you in the wind…because you don’t want to end up in the canal. Wondering why I would say that? Yep, it happened. Not recently, but it will always be worthy for a good story.

The Equinimity WEF Challenge Cup Round II was a $36K class and held on its usual day, Thursday. This class is used as a qualifier for the Saturday night class. Interestingly enough, it is for the rider as they may show up on a different horse for Saturday than they use to qualify on Thursday.

  1. Lauren Hough – Valinski S
  2. Mclain Ward – Queen Jane
  3. Alex Granato – Carlchen W
  4. Kevin Babington – Super Chilled
  5. Adrienne Sternlicht – Just A Gamble
  6. Tiffany Foster – Brighton
  7. Charlie Jayne – Amice Z
  8. Mario Deslauriers – Amsterdam 27
  9. Maggie Mcalary – Diablo VII
  10. Amanda Derbyshire – Oasis Spirit
  11. Abigail Mcardle – Victorio 5
  12. Michael Morrissey – Chance Ste Hermelle

The Hermes U25 series kicked off this week with a $10K Welcome on Saturday. 14 of 42 were clear in the 1 phase speed format with those clear times ranging from 64.78 seconds to 76.32. Here are those results:

1. Sydney Shulman – Hilgarie
2. Jessica Mendoza – Kay
3. Chloe Reid – Adamo
4. Jennifer Gates – Luftikus S
5. Abigail Mcardle – Fanta Light B
6. Yasmin Rizvi – Chaplin W
7. Jacob Pope – Bukato
8. Sam Walker – Coralissa
9. Ailish Cunniffe – Baloucento 2
10. Tatiana Andujar Iglesias – El Berlin
11. Anna Beth Athey – For Serrano SR
12. Sloan Hopson – Dalida

The $25K Hermes U25 Grand Prix saw 34 entries.
1. Eugenio Garza Perez – Caracas
2. Ailish Cunniffe – Baloucento 2
3. Manuel Fernandez Hache – Divin Du Haras Des Barrages
4. Samantha Cohen – Carmen
5. Annabel Revers – Ilias
6. Caitlin Creel – Dynamis KC
7. Anna Beth Athey – For Serrano SR
8. Alex Matz – Cashew CR
9. Cormac Hanley – Copain Z
10. Sydney Shulman – Hilgarie
11. Tanner Korotkin – Armageddon
12. Maria Brugal – Aletta

The SNL feature for week II was the Netjets 2* $72K Grand Prix in the International ring. It was a tough course and gave some of the strong contenders’ problems. We saw most of the issues happen at fence 3, the Hermes oxer and also in the triple combination, the 6th effort. There were also very exciting rounds! 8 went clear in the first round and 5 proceeded to go double clear. It was great to see Canadian, Mario Deslauriers, take the win! His jump off time 36.591. I have to be honest, I was rooting for Valinski S because I love seeing the “senior” horses at the top level of the sport. 2nd was a great result though! Valinski is a new ride for Lauren, owned by Wyndmont Farm. He has a great list of accolades, including top 35 in the individual competition at the Rio Olympic Games. I’m fangirling on him this season:)  All the results:

  1. Mario Deslauriers – Amsterdam 27
  2. Lauren Hough – Valinski S
  3. Capt. Brian Cournane – Armik
  4. Juan Pablo Betancourt – My Way
  5. Zoe Conter – Dragonfly De Longchamps
  6. McLain Ward – Tradition De La Roque
  7. Shane Sweetnam – Kirschwasser SCF
  8. Adrienne Sternlicht – Just A Gamble
  9. Markus Beerbaum – Carlito’s Way 6
  10. Kelli Cruciotti – Hadja Van Orshof
  11. Amanda Derbyshire – Roulette BH
  12. Charlie Jayne – Amice Z

The FEI $36K 1.45m Captive One Classic round II resulted like this:

9 were clear in the first round, and 5 double clear rounds at the end. The winning time for Shota Ogomori was 37.262, Lillie Keenan was the last of the double clear and came in 5th with a time of 39.544.

  1. Shota Ogomori – Captain America
  2. Luiz Francisco De Azevedo – Collin
  3. Andrew Welles – Brindis Bogibo
  4. Kevin Mealiff – Ever D’Hoogpoort
  5. Lillie Keenan – Chaccolette
  6. Beezie Madden – Coach
  7. Connor Husain – MTF Saint Simeon
  8. David Oberkircher – Upper
  9. Jessica Mendoza – Dubai
  10. Nick Novak – Classic Rock
  11. Laura Chapot – ISHD Dual Star
  12. Francisco Jose Mesquita Musa – Sharapova Imperio E…

While these main attractions are clearly noteworthy, the classes at the Winter Equestrian Festival range from a walk class, crossrails, and climb through all levels of Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation. You can check out all of the highlights and results on the Equestrian Sport Productions website.

Have a great week!




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