Thankful for YOU!


Dear Fabulous Followers,

I am thankful for you today and every day. Today is a great opportunity for me to tell you how incredibly grateful I am that you are here and apart of my FTLOATF community.  It is safe to say that something that started as a way to share my passions has grown into a community and with the support of amazing followers like you, will continue to grow and evolve.

By being here you have been receptive and supportive towards me and I can’t thank you enough for that.

During the past year, I have learned so much, yet I feel I have barely scratched the surface! There is so much that lies ahead and so many opportunities and places we can go.

So, THANK YOU, for being here and being apart of a group of the most fabulous followers a girl could ask for. I look forward to continuing on this adventure with you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.




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