How & Why: Create Holiday Gift Archives

Hello Beautiful Friends,

I recently received the first of what I assume will be many holiday inspired catalogs at our household. A Slight panic ensued. (Deep breath) While I realize we haven’t even dealt with the leftover Halloween candy yet, I can also still see the 4th of July in the rearview mirror. Point being, time flies and the holidays will be here before you know it! Despite good intentions and planning, it can often be a time in which we feel overwhelmed. It is always a good idea to get a head start when it comes to all things most wonderful time of the year. Making the season magical and as low stress-inducing as possible is the goal.

Said planning can entail many different aspects surrounding the season. Food, beverage, parties & gatherings, travel, gifting, decorating, etc.

Today’s post is focused on sharing the system that I use to help me in planning for holiday gift giving. If you don’t do any gifting, more power to you, but this won’t be very enlightening.

Most of you will have a list (and check it twice) of the shopping you plan to do. That is a great start!

As you begin to compile your lists and start shopping, use a spreadsheet or my printable to track what you have gotten for those special people on your list – A Holiday Gift Archive. Simple, right? This will let you keep a record of what you have completed and what you have left to do. 

A little tippity tip sidebar: Take note of things that people you give gifts mention liking or wanting throughout the year. I find it very helpful and consider it clever gift inspiration when I need it most. I keep these mentions or ideas in my Cozi app on a list just for that purpose. If you aren’t friends with Cozi yet, don’t wait another day!!!

I love giving gifts, especially when I find that perfect gift for my recipient. It’s the best!

After all of the holiday fun & festivities have ended, it is time to go back to your gift archives sheet. Add any gifts you have given if you haven’t already.  Next, go ahead and document all of the gifts that you and your immediate family receive. This is a really great reference if you plan to send out thank you notes. It is such a busy time, waiting and trying to recall weeks later may cause things to get lost in the shuffle. Do it while its fresh!

Going forward, having these records from years past will be a very helpful guide for you as you approach the holidays again the following year.  You will be able to recall peoples gifting styles and also avoid doing the same thing year after year – unless of course that is your intent being something of a tradition. I find that doing this really helps to inspire me as the new holiday season approaches and helps me feel more organized. I hope it will serve you well too!

I’m looking forward to talking more about the holidays, traditions, tips, and all that they entail in the coming weeks! I’ve been a little absent on social media as I’ve been busy putting together some fabulous gift guides for you! Stay tuned.

Don’t be mad, but as long as we are talking holidays I cannot wait for the Chestnut Praline Latte from Starbucks to hit the menu and get back into my life.

Please feel free to use the printable below or create the spreadsheet based on my example above.




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