A Nod to Equestrian Style: Fall Booties

Hello Beautiful Friends!

I find it thrilling when I happen upon something with an equestrian aesthetic when I’m in a completely non-equestrian retail space. I’m not talking about the unfortunate instances when I find a tee with a disproportionate looking horse on it. No, that is just plain disappointing. When it makes me happy is when I find a brand like Pikolinos – I got these booties last season at Nordstroms and I was really excited about the nod to equestrian style. They have a raised fancy stitch detail and they are simply a beautiful quality boot. They are known as a comfort fashion brand, so you’ll look and feel great. I recently went to the company website to learn more about the brand and I was very impressed with their company values and passion for social projects. These are great artisans and lovely human beings!

While I couldn’t find my exact boots for you this season, they have a variety of styles that fit the aesthetic bill.

I have pulled some different styles together for you to shop below. enjoy!

Remember, you can save any of them to your favorites and you will be notified of any price drops in the future.




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