A Guide to Staying Sane & Organized at Home

Hello Beautiful People!

Today I’m sharing my tips and ideas on ways that you can keep your household organized. I can’t claim to be on top of my game 100% of the time when it comes to the subject at hand, but I’m told by friends and clients that I’m a highly organized individual (really? Because sometimes it certainly doesn’t feel that way!) While I can feel just as flustered as the next person who can’t find their phone in their own pocket, I can own my type A tendencies. That being said, here are some of the things that I find important to keep myself organized and minimally flustered throughout the week. I don’t know about you all, but when my house is a mess or I have clutter and a disorganized space in which things are not where they should be, it causes me a lot of anxiety. I just can’t focus in that kind of space.

Here are some of the daily rituals that I do my best to achieve:

Make your bed

Just do it.

Pick up the house each night

I know this isn’t always realistic. Sometimes we get home late or life gets in the way, but making a habit of tidying up around the house each evening will help things to stay streamlined and not accumulate to the point that you become overwhelmed, which is what we should most definitely avoid! I can’t stand waking up to a mess in the mornings. I want to sit and enjoy my coffee in peace and tidiness.

Do a load of laundry each day

Commit to doing at least one load of laundry every day (depending on the # of people in your household). This will help to eliminate that huge mountain of laundry at the end of the week that makes you want to cry.

Another laundry room tip – if you have items in your load of laundry that you don’t want to go into the dryer, keep a dry erase marker by your washer and write it down when you put it in so you are sure to hang it before the rest goes into the dryer.

Sort your mail

Don’t even let the junk come in the door with you! Get rid of it right away. Once you have the junk mail out of the way, have a place to sort your mail into whichever categories are appropriate for you.

Set up online bill pay and/or automatic payments where you can. Keep a record of recurring monthly bills and which ones are on automatic payments.

Meal plan

This one is huge for me. While going to the store only one time per week would be ideal, it’s not always realistic. I do, however, meal plan for the week and hope to only make minimal stops throughout the rest of the week to fill in the gaps. For me personally, I meal plan on Sunday’s and shop on Monday’s. This will be different for everyone based on their own unique schedules. Also, clean out the refrigerator EVERY WEEK. Get the old produce and other unused leftovers or expired items out of there before you replenish with a new weeks trip. This way, you’ll also know what you have before you go to the store.

Now I have to refer back to one of my very first posts on the blog – “Let’s Get Cozi.” It’s a necessity for me to function from day to day. I have multiple to do lists with different criteria. To do’s, errands, long-term projects, goals, checklists for travel and horse shows, etc. I can also have shopping lists! Grocery store, Target, Exceptional Equestrian…and even a wishlist of things I see that I like and want to remember. It has my calendar too. Not only for me but for all the members of my family 2 legged or 4 also, each color coded. Oh, and it is not only easy to use on your desktop, but the mobile app is perfection. I also use Cozi to store all of my recipes (many of which I imported right from my Pinterest). It then allows me to add the specific ingredients from those recipes to my grocery list in a simple click. Having things all in one place is extremely helpful. If you’re not into apps and the web (you might be my Mother;)) keep a notebook or some other means that allows you to feel in control.

Keep a running list(s) of projects to accomplish

keeping an ongoing to-do list of projects that you want to get done around the house makes actually doing them more likely. It could be organizing a closet or cupboard, dropping off some charitable donations, or an inventory of your beauty products.

Write it down! And in order of priority preferably. That way when you have that moment of motivation you can work off of a checklist instead of trying to recall what projects you thought about doing when you were driving the other day. Then all of the sudden the free moment has passed and the list never gets anything checked off.

Clean out your purse/bag regularly

It doesn’t take long for things to get out of hand in your handbag, right? Make it a habit to go through your bag and tidy it up.

You can apply this to your car too. I do this every single day when I get in from wherever I may have been out and about. I have a mini trash can in the back that gets used and emptied and I don’t leave any kind of s&%@ in there! It all comes out with us. I do have a small basket where I keep any loose items that we want in the car at all time; a leash for Frannie for impromptu visits to the dog park, a baseball hat – because life, a book or activity for Isla when errands take longer than expected, and really whatever you need or helps your day go more smoothly.

Storage containers

A place for everything and everything in its place

Start slow on this one. Go one room at a time and evaluate the organization of that space. Make a list of the types of organizational baskets, bins, or totes you would need to make the space more organized and functional.

Keep a to-go basket

Keep a nice looking basket or crate for outgoing mail, packages, and returns. That way you keep all the things that need to go out of the household in one easy spot to grab on your way out. You may even have this basket in the back or trunk of your car.

Other miscellaneous tips

  • In addition to all of the ways that lists can keep you organized, don’t be afraid to have written shortlists for daily things that need to get done. Maybe you are often rushed in the mornings – keeping a list of what you need to grab before you fly out the door can ease that stress.
  • Go through medications and beauty products regularly and get rid of expired items or those that you no longer use
  • If you haven’t worn something in 6 months or a year, peace out!
  • Switch out your clothes for the seasons if you live in a place that it makes sense (Hello MN -30 to 100) It will keep your closet fresh and less cluttered so you know what you have. I actually just started doing this and I’m so happy I did.
  • Fold the clothes you keep in drawers as shown in the photo below. This way, you can see what you have in an organized fashion that doesn’t involve ripping up your entire drawer to find that tee you’re looking for.
  • My Dyson cordless vacuum is one of my most favorite things. Light, powerful, cordless with a great run time. It’s easy enough that you can do a quick vacuum of your main areas daily.

Do you have any great tips to add to this list? I’d love to hear them!!

Stay fabulous, xo,



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