Mother’s Day Inspirations

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Hello Beautiful People,

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I’ve compiled some great gift options. Whether it’s your Mom, Mother in law, Sister, Daughter, friend or someone who is like a Mom to you, I’ve got some great options!

I am one that loves to find the perfect gift for people. On top of giving a gift that has thought behind it, I also think this is a good opportunity to recall the old-fashioned art of handwritten notes. In addition to celebrating people during the various holidays or special occasions throughout the year, try sending an unexpected note of gratitude or good cheer. You have the power to have a hugely positive impact on someone’s vibe and make their day.  Throw random notes of kindness out to your family and friends anytime you feel moved to do so. I always keep a stash of cards for all occasions (including several just because versions) on hand.

Now, on to Mother’s Day gifts!

Just in case – more fabulous gift options:

If you aren’t after a traditional retail gift you could instead or in addition put together something special to treat your Mom, such as a spa day, tickets to an event – maybe a play or comedy show? Other thoughts – head to your favorite nursery and pick out a couple of cute pots and plant flowers for her – or go and do it together!

Another thought, which is an entirely different subject to get into is photo gifts. Where do you store alllllll the photos you are taking? I auto upload EVERYTHING to Shutterfly. There is still time to have them help you create amazing Mother’s Day gifts + you can get 50% off with the code BEST.

If you are one of my Minneapolis readers, the General Store in Minnetonka is always phenomenal for gifts.

You could visit the Landscape Arboretum or find a place to have a picnic.

Do you have any special plans or ideas?

I hope this gives you some inspiration in preparation for Mother’s Day, which frankly should be every day if you ask me;)

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback! Need a recommendation for brunch? Just ask! Dialogue is not only welcomed it is encouraged:)




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