Hello Monday – Let’s Do This (Weekend Brief)

It’s Monday again! Time to take it by the reins.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was…interesting. All things considered, it was a good one. It was just that one little detail that put a bit of a damper on things. I’m talking about our unwelcomed April blizzard here in Minnesnowta. Typically when we return to Minnesota from Florida in the “Spring” things are looking up. Not this year! The snowdrifts are several feet tall and it causes me physical pain to go outside. Trying to stay positive though! As I always say, channel the power of positivity!?

Saturday morning I attended the Hunter for Target launch – the limited edition collection became available at 7 am. While the weather outside was frightful, things at Target were delightful. I stood in line with some great ladies and the fabulous employees of Target and Starbucks brought us unexpected goodies and coffee to make the wait more pleasant. Even though I wasn’t after anything too specific, there is this sense of excitement and anxiety before the doors open. I think its a pretty fun experience truth be told. The selection was quite good. Usually, when I think of the Hunter brand, I simply think of rain boots. This collection had many other items as well and it was really well done. A lot of people questioned whether or not the quality would be the same as the original, I found it to be so. In addition to scoring Johnny, Isla, and I some short rainboots, I also grabbed a really nice weekender bag, backpack, and rain/windbreaker coats for Isla and I. I’d love to hear about any of your experiences if you participated in the fun!?

Aside from that, it was quite a low key weekend around here. We essentially hid from the snowstorm in our pajamas. When we did venture out briefly on Saturday afternoon with our friend, Ireen, we didn’t make it too far before deciding it would be best to head home. I insisted she not drive home so we had a movie night and a sleepover.

When you can’t see your car amid the blizzard, it’s time to get inside and stay there.

Ireen was really impressed with my  “guest drawer” in the bathroom, so I decided I’d share that little tip with you…

What to have on hand for impromptu overnight guests:

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, contact solution, hairbrush, makeup removing wipes, face wash, & lotion.

It’s easy to forget these items when you are strolling through the aisles at the store – that’s where Amazon comes in for the save. Shop these essential overnight guest items, here.

In EQUESTRIAN news this weekend – I followed the FEI World Cup Finals at the Accorhotels Arena in Paris France.

LONGINES FEI WORLD CUPTM Jumping final – Paris 2018

The FEI World Cup was started in 1978. It represents one of the most prestigious individual jumping circuits. The world title is awarded at the Final after 10 months of qualifiers in 16 leagues throughout the world. At the end of this qualifying circuit, the best riders in the world are invited to the final.

The first phase of the final is a Table C (speed) class ridden over a course set at a maximum of 1.60m.

The second phase is a Table A (jump-off clear rounds) class set at 1.50-1.60m.

After the first two phases of competition, riders are assigned points depending on their placings in each class. For each phase, the winner gets 1 more point than the number of starters in that phase. Second place gets 2 points less than that, and each placing down the line gets 1 less.

From there the scoring gets even more interesting, with the points being converted to faults. The scores are added up by the points for each rider from Rounds 1 and 2, and the rider with the most points is assigned 0 faults. For all other riders, the number of penalties will be assigned by giving them half the difference of their World Cup points and that of the leading rider.

The third phase is two rounds. These rounds are over 1.50- to 1.60-meter courses, and “approximately equal in the number of obstacles and length of the course, with the second round having an increased level of difficulty,” according to the FEI rules.

Faults from these two rounds are added to the rider’s total, and the rider with the least amount of faults at the end wins! In rare instances, there have been ties for first place, which are broken with a jump-off

In addition to the World Cup Final 5* competition, there was also 2* competition that allowed for younger and less experienced horses to compete in a World Cup arena as well as amateur riders and up and coming professionals.

This year, the World Champion title went to fan favorite, Beezie Madden and Breitling LS. This is Beezie’s 2nd win (she won in 2013 aboard Simon) and her 11th time competing in the World Cup FInals. For she and Breitling, this was the 1st championship appearance. She was thrilled to make it to the final round with the 11 y/o stallion and having him come through made her confident in his ability to perform at the top level. He was a little slow to mature and not so consistent in his early years, but he has been worth the wait as she’s recently said on many occasions as he has started to shine and rise to the top. They recently took the top spot during weeks 8 and 11 of the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington.

Devin Ryan, another US rider, took the 2nd place finish in his World Cup Finals debut and was proud to share the podium with the likes of Beezie. His horse, Eddie Blue, was the youngest in the finals. Despite their relative newness to this level of competition, the pair are making a name for themselves amongst the top in the world.

Swedens Henrik Von Eckermann took the 3rd spot – a repeat result from the 2017 final in Omaha Nebraska.

In the 4th spot, last years champion McLain Ward and HH Azur.

A list of detailed final results can be seen here.

You should definitely check out THIS great write up from The Chronicle of the Horse about midwest favorite, Andy Kocher, and his World Cup Final experience.

I’m hoping for a big turnaround in the weather department – things to do, people to see, places to go!

I have some great things lined up this week. It’s Fashion Week in Minnesota and I’ll be attending the kick off at The W Minneapolis, I have some new Anthropologie fave’s to share, as well as another Stitch Fix review. Until then…

Stay fabulous!




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