21 Jumpsuits: Featuring My New Favorite

Hello Beautiful People!

It has been a BUSY week so far getting our lives packed up again and ready to head North for the Summer.

Technically speaking, Spring has sprung. I’m afraid that in reality, it has not. We will be heading up to Minnesota today after a fabulous winter in South Florida. Yesterday there was a winter storm warning and today’s forecast, though supposedly sunny is also frigid and awful. A sense of dread just came over me as I am writing this. It simply must improve soon though, right? Alas, I’m hopeful.

In the meantime, I plan on only briefly bringing out the sweaters and jackets. I’m still thinking Spring and Summer style and eagerly awaiting warmer weather to take over.

Do you have certain brands that you gravitate toward, not even knowing it is the brand before you look at the label? I have that happen quite often. As in “Oh, I love that dress!” or whatever it may be. (Looks more closely) Of course I do, it’s Maeve! Maeve is one of those brands for me. Strolling Anthropologie I came across this jumpsuit and I felt that I must have it! It arrived in time for Easter, which was great. It is a fabulous piece for many of your summer festivities! I plan on this one making more appearances in the future.

You can shop Anthropologie’s selection of jumpsuits, here.

Here are some other fabulous options:

Pair with one of this season’s popular straw bags

Along with a great pair of Jack Roger’s sandals

And top it all off with some glamorous sunnies!

Hang in there my friends, I hope some of the Florida sunshine follows us back up North.





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