Switch It Up: Your Seasonal Closet Overhaul

Hello beautiful friends! Today I’m sharing my advice on switching it up and completing a seasonal closet overhaul, or as my Mom used to call it, the summer/winter switch. We are well into fall in Minnesota and I don’t know about you, but when I’m in my closet I am reaching for cozy sweaters, jackets,…

My Top 10 AnthroDay Picks : Love List (Ends tonight!)

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Happy Sunday Beautiful Friends! I had to drop in for an impromptu PSA about the AnthroDay sale that ends TONIGHT!!! If you want to pick up some fall style updates I have chosen 10  favorites that I am linking for you below. 20% off at Anthropologie is cause for YAY!!!  A few quick notes about…

The Fall Style Audit #trending

Hello my beautiful style loving friends! Summer in Minnesota has been glorious. Brief, but glorious. Whilst savoring every moment I can squeeze out of these last days of summer, I can feel the change in the air these past few days. I’m finding it particularly hard to let this one go gal pals. How about…

My Current Product Crushes

Hello Beautiful People! Talking a little product shopping today. I try not to be one to purchase 10 face lotions that all do the “same” thing and then 8 of them end up in the trash. Sometimes it is hard to resist that perfect and magical looking packaging and the claims they make though, isn’t…

A Shorts Story

Hello beautiful people! Ladies, I’m going to start with a question: When you think about wearing shorts, would you consider it a pain point? It always has been for me. I’m very self-conscious about my legs and how shorts fit and look on me. Many shorts that I see and would love to be able…

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